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Fire Protection To Thatched Roofs

To protect your thatched buildings from catching fire we offer a fire retardent spray called Supercote. Our specially designed Supercote offers your thatched buildings the protection it needs. We protect your thatch from fires caused by natural fires such as bushfires, lightning or those unexpected fires that could occur. 

The goals of fire safety programs include preventing death, property damage, and downtime while a building is in use. Fires can often result in business interruption, loss of business records, lost employees, and liability claims resulting from fire spreading to adjacent properties. Thats why we highly recommend using our services and letting us provide you with a legitimate solution that will help you prevent these loses or damages. 

Supercote is a safe and guaranteed fire retardent coating for all types of thatched houses such as lodge houses, lapas, rational designs. Our Supercote is a product solely manufactured and provided by our staff here at Thatch Protection. This product cannot be found anywhere else or sold anywhere else other than by us or our affiliated companies. 

So why do we recommend that you get Fire Protection so much? 

  1. Thatched roofs are more susceptible to fire than any other roofing material. About 90% of thatch fires are caused by chimneys and modern appliances. When a thatched roof catches fire, it spreads quickly because dry reeds and grass are highly flammable. With our Supercote this is then prevented. 
  2. You need to provide a compliance certificate when you build your own thatched building, which we provide. 
  3. Because we offer the best product and services!

Our Product and Services come with a 30+  Year worth of experience as well as a 5 year warranty.