Rational designs

Thatch Protection Offers A Guide To Thatch Construction In South Africa

Rational Fire Designs are the detailed design of fire safety and prevention mechanisms for a building/roof in order to comply with the National Building Regulations in the event that the building has been built  where these requirements cannot be met under normal circumstances.

Rational assesments

Assesments are done byone of our competent staff memebrs that have the adequate skills, high performance and requirements including a process of reasoning, Calculation and consideration of accepted analytical principles, based on a combination of derivations from available information, research and data, appropriate testing and service experience. 

Rational Design (Fire Engineering)

Design by a person registered under the Engineering Professions Act 2000 (Act No. 46 of 2000) as either a Professional Engineer or Professional Engineering Technologist and generally recognized as the holder of the experience and training required , to conduct rational evaluation or rational design in the field of fire protection engineering. 


The construction of thatched roofs and structures is a skilled trade. It doesn't matter how big or small the structure is. The regulations state that a design and plan of what the structure will look like must first be prepared by an architect or structural engineer. The design must comply with City and State Building Codes (SANS  10400-L and SANS 10407 (Thatch Roof Construction Specification).

Often requested by fire brigades within municipalities to show various calculations how the thatched roof poses no danger to neighboring buildings. The occurrence of poor workmanship, quality of materials used and the absence of approved plans and non-delivery of the above designs and
certificates tarnished the image of the industry. Since TASA's reinstatement on 1 January 2006, two key factors in the success or failure of a roofing contractor have come to the fore, namely:

1. On-site supervision by a competent person
2. Quality of materials and workmanship